Bible Briefing Archive

Genesis 1:20-23
On the fifth day of creation, God fills the seas and skies with living creatures, including birds and sea creatures, each according to their kind.
Genesis 1:14-19
On the fourth day of creation, God creates the sun, moon, and stars to mark days, seasons, and years.
Genesis 1:9-13
This passage describes God’s actions on the third day of creation, focusing on the emergence of dry land, the gathering of waters into seas, and the sprouting of vegetation upon the earth.
Genesis 1:6-8
This passage depicts the second day of creation. God separates the waters to form the expanse, known as the sky or firmament, establishing boundaries between the waters above and below.
Genesis 1:1-5
In the beginning, the earth was formless and dark, but God’s creative power brought light, marking the first day and establishing order.